FunFest Scheduling Now Open

It’s time for our Fall FunFest!! Join us on Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 10AM to 6PM! The Inner-Connection will be holding space for local practitioners to share their gifts, healing, and guidance.

We will be offering 20 minute sessions for $25, with the exception of Aura Photos which will be $35 for 30 minutes. This is a great time to sample the various local practitioners! Amazing door prizes will be revealed as we get closer to FunFest!

Energy & Bodywork Consultations


  • Access Bars (Bonnie Mirecki, Denise Nickey)
  • Chair Massages (Jeff Pageler, Monica Pageler)
  • Ionic Foot Cleanse (Gayle Vallie)
  • Facial Reflexology (Dawn Tule)
  • Reiki (Dawn Tule, Monica Pageler)

Spiritual Consultations



  • Angel Oracle Card (Joy Knoll)
  • Animal Communicator (Dawn Tule)
  • Aura Photography (Paige English, Paul & Janice Wren)
  • Gemstone (Roz Turney)
  • Intuitive Handwritten Messages (Lisa Wolfe)
  • Spiritual Mediumship (Cecelia Jackson, Christine Alyson Moul, Maggie Salter, Melody Bishop)
  • Runes (Melody Bishop)
  • Tarot Consultation (Cathy Harner, Faith Parker)
Please call or text 717-833-HEAL to RSVP! Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to check-in for FunFest! Please note that FunFest is not a typical day at The Inner-Connection! It can be quite crazy with lots of energy flowing through!

We will also be hosting various FREE workshops throughout the day! Please RSVP in advance as space is limited.

Intro to Access Consciousness @ 10AM with Infinite Mind Body Org

Access Consciousness is a different point of view about life. It allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged.
Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

Intro to BioGeometry - Egyptian Science @ 11:15AM with Kat Saraswati

From Egypt, the cradle of civilization, there has emerged a modern science that offers to balance the energy-quality of our lives, environment and technology. The applied science of BioGeometry® integrates the universal laws and natural dynamics of living energy systems that have been largely ignored in our modern civilization at the expense of our health and well-being. BioGeometry is based on a Physics of Quality, which includes a growing body of knowledge and scientific research that integrates, rather than divides our world-view, thus narrowing the gap between the energy manifestations of spirituality and science.

Intro to Usui Fire Reiki @ 12:30PM with Monica Pageler

Interested in learning about a different form of Reiki? Join us for a free informational about Usui Holy Fire Reiki presented by Monica Pageler. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced in January, 2014 by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.

Intro to Voxx Science @ 1:45PM with Donna Rau

From socks to insoles and now a new patch, Voxx Technology that is helping people take control of their life.
To understand the development and impact of VOXX, one has to understand the relationship between the human peripheral nervous system and brainstem and the various nuclei therein.
The peripheral nervous system (PNS) connects the central nervous system to environmental stimuli to gather sensory input and create motor output. The PNS coordinates action and responses by sending signals from one part of the body to another (From the various receptors such as mechano-receptors and dermatomes to the brainstem). The PNS includes all other sensory neurons, clusters of neurons called ganglia, and connector neurons that attach to the brainstem and other neurons.
The brainstem connects the rest of the brain with the spinal cord. It consists of the midbrain, medulla oblongata, and the pons. The primary input into the brainstem are through the Area Postrema (AP) and Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS). Motor and sensory neurons extend through the brainstem, allowing for the relay of signals between the brain and spinal cord. Ascending neural pathways cross in this section of the brain, allowing the left hemisphere of the cerebrum to control the right side of the body and vice versa. The brainstem coordinates motor control signals sent from the brain to the body. It also controls several important functions of the body including pain management, alertness, arousal, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, heart rate, swallowing, walking, posture, stability and sensory and motor information integration.

Intro to Thieves & Miracle II @ 3PM with Rev. Bonnie Schindler

Join Bonnie Schindler for this free informational as she shares her wisdom and experience with these two MUST HAVE’s. All natural and holistic! Free samples and handouts will be provided for each participant.
About Young Living Thieves Essential Oil
In France during the 15th century, thieves would sneak into graveyards to rob from the dead and dying. Legend says they protected themselves by creating
a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. Today, Thieves essential oil blend is inspired of those tales of old. Combining Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils, this blend is one of our most popular products. Use it with household cleaning products or diffuse it to freshen up a room.
About Miracle II
Miracle II products have emerged from Clayton Tedeton’s divine inspiration over the past 2 decades. Each product is miraculous in its own way. Thousands of satisfied users have discovered a multitude of uses. Miracle II products are made from natural minerals, sea-salts, and cold pressed virgin oils. Miracle II products are all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. We add no fragrances, colors, agents, or perfumes. Learn about all our products from the amazing Miracle II Soaps, Moisturizers, Gel, and our pH balancing Neutralizer.

Must RSVP to guarantee samples.

Intro to CBD @ 4:15PM

Join The Inner-Connection for a free informational as we work to #BreakTheStigma around CBD and hemp extract!  Cannabinoids are the primary chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant. Of the more than eighty-five identified cannabinoids, the two most frequently referenced compounds are:
– Tetrahydocannabinol (THC) or Tetrahydocxannabinol is historically known for its psychoactive properties
– Cannabidiol (CBD) or Cannibidiol is generally associated with antioxidant and neuroprotectant properties and is non-psychotropic.
Within the human body, located primarily throughout the brain and central nervous system, there is a regulatory system that the human body is wired to respond to through our body’s own type of internally produced cannabinoid called endocannabinoids.
Research indicates cannabinoids (CBD) have a positive impact on health and well-being and does not cause a high. This makes it a safer, less controversial alternative, while still offering significant health benefits. CBD is well known for its wellness properties and its capacity to offer ease and relaxation.
– antiemetic (reduces nausea and vomiting)
– anticonvulsanr (supresses seizure activity)
– antipsychiotic (combats psychosis disorders)
– anxiolytic/anti-depressant (combats anxiety and depression)
– anti-tumoral/anti-cancer (combats tumor and cancer cells)
– antioxidant (combats free -radical damage)
– anti-inflammatory (combats inflammatory disorders)

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