We are super excited to host this year’s Fall FunFest in our new location. 

We’re still on the corner of 3rd & Bridge! 

We hope you fall in love with our new home! 

This year, we will be hosting FunFest over two days.

SAT 9/21/19 10AM – 6PM

SUN 9/22/19 12PM – 6PM


Appointments can be made in-person, over the phone, or via text message.  Appointments are highly recommended to reserve your spot.  Max appointment for each person is 4.  Walk-ins are welcome and are on a first come first serve basis.     

Here is a list of our practitioners joining us this Fall!

~*~ Aura Photos $35 for 20 Minutes ~*~
Paige English – Aura Photos (Saturday Only)

~*~ Divination $25 for 20 Minutes ~*~
Melody Bishop – Runes (Sunday Only)
Cathy Harner – Tarot
Joy Knoll – Angel Oracle Cards
Roz Turney – Gemstone
Lisa Wolfe – Intuitive Handwritten Messages (Saturday Only)

~*~ Energy & Body Work $25 for 20 Minutes ~*~
Jeff Pageler – Massages
Monica Pageler – Massages | Reflexology | Reiki

~*~ Psychic Mediums $25 for 20 Minutes ~*~
Melody Bishop – Medium

Cecelia Jackson – Medium
Christine Alyson Moul – Medium
Maggie Salter – Medium

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time for parking and registration.  Registration will be in the hallway by the rear parking lot. 

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