Our goal at The Inner-Connection is to provide a full spectrum of health and wellness for our community—to create and grow an organization that transcends the challenging moments of our lives by providing the tools, resources, and community needed to foster true growth and development. To accomplish this, we maintain the fundamental belief that through service to others we can truly obtain and explore unconditional self-love, self-healing, and community healing.  The Inner-Connection strives to provide the knowledge, tools, connection, community, acceptance, love, and safety to our customers and staff.

Open Positions

Hospitality Associate

The Hospitality Associate works within our retail space, directly with our clientele, and is the forefront of our effort to cultivate the healing experience. The Hospitality Associate will assist community members by utilizing knowledge of our products and services to guide the customer towards the tools that are most helpful. The Hospitality Associate role requires adaptability, intrigue, compassion, and passion. The ideal candidate for the position is not necessarily someone with intrinsic knowledge of processes and products, but a person who is driven by passion, love, curiosity, and kindness. The right mindset and heart will be intensely more effective than just knowledge alone.

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